Australia 100% renewable electricity by 2030

The Homegrown Power Plan, a joint project between GetUp! and Solar Citizens, shows how we can repower the country with renewable energy, reboot our failing electricity system and remove the roadblocks holding back the renewables boom.

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We must:

  • Reboot the system, rewiring our laws to deliver affordable, 100% renewable electricity.
  • Repower the country, turbocharging our existing renewable energy policies and adding some missing parts.
  • Remove the roadblocks, ensuring new renewables aren’t held back by the legacy of a bygone era.

A move to 100% renewable power is practical, achievable, economically sound and overwhelmingly popular.

We can do this:

  • By 2030 we can power all of Australia’s homes and businesses with 100% renewable electricity.
  • By 2035 we can meet around 40% of our transport needs with renewable energy as well.
  • By 2050 the whole energy system can be completely fossil fuel free.  Everything we do, from driving a car to hauling freight, from manufacturing to heating to taking a flight, can run on clean, affordable energy generated from the wind, sun, and other renewable sources.

Costs:  Decarbonising our entire energy system by 2050 means Australia gets a $800 billion slice of the global renewables investment boom, and all the jobs that come with it. Investing more in renewable means spending less on fuel. Between now and 2050, the shift to renewables and increased energy efficiency delivers enough fuel cost savings to cover 110% of the bill for building 100% renewable power.

Australia would save, on average: $9 billion a year on power sector fuel costs, $11 billion a year on transport fuel costs.

On the path to a clean energy future, our investment in fossil fuel free electricity starts paying itself off in lower prices as early as 2025, and by 2040 at the latest.

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