Doctors for the Environment Australia – Unconventional Gas Fact Sheet

Doctors for the Environment Australia Fact Sheet – on the Unconventional Gas Mining.


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  1. Gillian Blair
    Gillian Blair says:

    A local group (The Unfrackabools) is campaigning against land-based methane gas extraction; we are organising a film night showing the DVD “Fractured Country”, to be shown at Port Fairy, Victoria, on 27th October. I am interested in obtaining a copy of your Unconventional Gas Fact Sheet to give to people attending the event. We are inviting members of local councils, candidates in the local by-election, and anyone in the community who would like to know more about land-based methane gas extraction. My phone number is 03 55 676 273.
    P.S.: I run a radio show about environmental, health, and human rights issues and if possible would like to do an interview with one of the members of Doctors for the Environment.
    Warm regards, Gillian Blair

    • LC Updates
      LC Updates says:

      hi Gillian,
      I have just seen your post, many months late, what a great name The Unfrackabools! I will email you a copy of the fact sheet! Do you still want to interview a member of Doctors for the Environment?


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