Haselgrove 3 flaring while CFS contains fires burning close by

Don’t flare on a windy day in our forest, Beach Energy. Risky, noisy and smelly burn off of waste gases.

This is not what our community wants, especially considering we subsidize this with our tax dollars

Please make your opinion known at the ballot box next month #makemackillopmarginal


View from Riddoch Highway

The view from 8km away in Penola

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  1. Hasselback
    Hasselback says:

    Yep…as always important information about the current gas flaring is not readily available from beach energy or not easily found in their so called public information download. Gas flaring continues into Monday morning…roaring all night..unnerving all residents with ears that work…let alone the eerie visuals. Familiar with Katnook gas flaring…a baby compared to (HasselBack)…my new nickname for it…this one has definitely got gas! We need to be informed of the current status of this flare testing as days and days of smelly burning is a concern …and yes through hot wild windy weather on Saturday…with the Penola forest a stone’s throw away. When it comes to gas..oil and coal….we’re at a stand still (lets call ourselves sheep) Money..power and wealth will always reside over the health of the environment …and if the community sleeps through these wonderfully named companies(Beach Energy)…abilities to do what ever they want to do…we will all have our own private methane gas water supplies in our swamps and backyards. Just you wait and see Penola…time will reveal that the power of gas will find gaps. So…back to sleep we all go…turn up your tv’s!!…and keep eating crap. Stay mind controlled to the best of your abilities…do it for your children..you always have. Goodnight sheeples


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