Limestone Coast Protection Alliance says go Solar Thermal, not gas

YES to Solar Thermal. NO to gas, says Limestone Coast Protection Alliance in meeting with Tom Koutsantonis


Key leaders from the Limestone Coast SA met with the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy, Tom Koutsantonis on Monday to convey their position YES to Solar Thermal, NO to gas.

Merilyn Paxton, Farmer, and Chair of the Limestone Coast Protection Alliance; Peter Bissell, Chairman of the Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council; Dennis Vice, owner and winemaker at Highbank Wines; and Peter Riseley, Mayor of the District Council of Robe met with the Minister.

Merilyn Paxton said “We conveyed our support for a Concentrated Solar Thermal plant at Port Augusta. Solar Thermal can dispatch power when needed, night or day. It can provide baseload. It will provide much-needed competition, create jobs and put SA at the forefront of CleanTech industries”

“We made clear our request that we want a ban on unconventional gasfields in our region. Last year, a review of 685 research papers points to risks to water, air and health. Our region’s water, and our wine and agricultural industries are too important to imperil.

Dennis Vice said: “Our message is that gas drilling is a pipe dream, because we’re now connected to the high gas prices in East Asia. No amount of drilling here can change the price of gas in Asia. Why put the Limestone Coast at risk when we now have the option of reliable, clean Concentrated Solar Thermal plants that can be built in 20 months?”

Peter Riseley said “I am here to represent the 96% of people within our community opposed to gasfields. We are pleased that Mr Koutsantonis has accepted our invitation to visit our members in the Limestone Coast and to hear their concerns about the shale gas industry.”

For further information please contact
Merilyn Paxton on 0429 804 247 or 08 8768 6100
Dennis Vice on 0427 653 311
Peter Riseley 0429 799 528

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