South Australian Parliament passes Fracking Moratorium

The South Australian Upper House has passed the 10 year fracking moratorium in the South East of South Australia into law! The fracking moratorium comes after a lengthy and sustained grassroots campaign from communities in the South East. Photo above: Nick McBride – Liberal MP MacKillop, Dennis Vice – LCPA, Mark Parnell – Greens MLC […]

meeting photo

Parliamentary Petition

Petitioning parliament to make SE fracking ban law We need your help now! In the lead up to the last election the SA Liberal Government promised a 10 year ban on fracking in the SE of SA, but now they are elected they are dithering on putting the commitment into law. Read the background section […]

Letter to Legislate the moratorium

Take action to make the fracking moratorium law! The newly elected Liberal Government lead by Premier Stephen Marshall was elected on a promise to ban fracking in the South East for 10 years. However a verbal promise is not enough. We have seen recently in the NT a Government elected on a promise to ban […]

Gas exploration is a hot button election issue in the South East which some say is splitting once harmonious communities. Erin Jones, The Advertiser February 23, 2018 5:29pm

THE fight to protect the South-East’s crucial aquifers and “clean, green” reputation has turned physical, following the first flaring of gas from a controversial well near Penola. Beach Energy last week tested its Haselgrove-3 conventional gas well, 8km south of the town, after it discovered what could be a “large gas resource” in January. The […]

Haselgrove 3 flaring while CFS contains fires burning close by

Don’t flare on a windy day in our forest, Beach Energy. Risky, noisy and smelly burn off of waste gases. This is not what our community wants, especially considering we subsidize this with our tax dollars Please make your opinion known at the ballot box next month #makemackillopmarginal  

Friday 19 May 2017 the Natural Resources Committee resolved to publish on its website the Minister’s response to the NRC’s Fracking report.

Friday 19 May 2017 the Natural Resources Committee resolved to publish on its website the Minister’s response to the NRC’s Fracking report.    

Alan Jones Podcasts

Alan talks to the Liverpool Plains farmer about the Santos Narrabri gas project. 10/04/2017 Alan talks to the chemical engineer Tim Forcey  from the Melbourne Energy Institute about methane emissions from coal seam gas. 10/04/2017 /  

The Bentley Effect The true story of how one remarkable community took on the giant gas mining companies – and WON!

The Bentley Effect screening: Portland on Mon 17 April at 7pm at Portland Football, Netball & Cricket Club, Henty Street, Portland Mt Gambier on Tue 18 April at 6.45pm at Oatmill Cinema, 7 Percy Street, Mt Gambier Robe on Wed 19 April at 6.30pm at Robe Football Club, Robe

Anne Daw shares – facts regarding the gas in the South East

Download the document here facts regarding the gas in the SE 11th April 2017  

Today Tonight – Poisoned farms and toxic food – the bitter battle in country SA that’s now reached the city.

Watch the video here and read a story in Advertiser Belinda Willis, The Advertiser- March 22, 2017 8:29pm “Our concerns really are about the long-term integrity of wells and drilling, the possible leakage between the aquifers and having a higher density of wells being built and drilled in the region,” Coonawarra Grape and Wine […]

The Limestone Coast Protection Alliance response to the “SA Energy Plan”

SA’s Energy Plan The Limestone Coast Protection Alliance commends Premier Weatherill on his plan to make SA independent of the national chaotic energy mess that has caused SA’s energy problems, and the failure of the Federal government to show any leadership in energy matters. We are also pleased about the creation of the $150 million […]

Limestone Coast Protection Alliance says go Solar Thermal, not gas

YES to Solar Thermal. NO to gas, says Limestone Coast Protection Alliance in meeting with Tom Koutsantonis   Key leaders from the Limestone Coast SA met with the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy, Tom Koutsantonis on Monday to convey their position YES to Solar Thermal, NO to gas. Merilyn Paxton, Farmer, and Chair of […]

The ” Gas Crisis ” Con

Have you heard about the great “gas crisis” con? Why are Australian manufacturers and grannies paying through the nose and struggling to buy any gas at all, while we’re in the middle of a boom? Share this video and make sure we don’t let those pollies and gas bullies blame farmers for their absurd mistakes. […]

Sound economics as Victoria quits fracking for good

The Victorian Government’s decision to ban fracking is based on sound economic and energy policy. Queensland’s experiment in unconventional gas has demonstrated that the economic benefits promised by the gas industry largely failed to materialise, and there has been an enormous downside to other industries.Arguments that the gas is needed have rung hollow as Australian domestic gas demand projections have been […]

GP says Limestone Coast Health Assessment Study needed

Limestone Coast Health Assessment Study Needed Limestone Coast General Practitioner Dr David Senior is calling for a comprehensive, ongoing and detailed Health Assessment Study in the Limestone Coast before any gas extraction is allowed. Dr David Senior, a General Practitioner from Robe, has written in a submission to the fracking hearing “Before any gas extraction […]

Public rejection of Coal Seam Gas Mining nationally

Lock the Gate Media release 3 June 2016 Polling of 250,000 people confirms public rejection of CSG mining nationally. Lock the Gate say this should trigger election commitments. New polling confirms the public has rejected risky unconventional gas drilling and highlights the failure of both major political parties to act on community concerns on the […]

Mine rehabilitation overhaul needed to avoid a massive toxic legacy

AUSTRALIAN CONSERVATION FOUNDATION MEDIA RELEASE 14 June 2016 Mine rehabilitation overhaul needed to avoid a massive toxic legacy A new report highlights systemic and structural failures in the regulation of mine closure and rehabilitation in Australia and recommends the federal government set up a national inquiry to avoid the fading mining boom leaving behind a […]

Renewable Energy 100% electricity and transport by 2050

Australia : We CAN get 100% renewable electricity by 2030! But do our political parties have the will? The Homegrown Power Plan, a joint project between GetUp! and Solar Citizens, shows how we can repower the country with 100% renewable electricity by 2030. How? By rebooting our failing electricity system, removing the roadblocks holding us […]

Limestone Coast participates in Australia’s National Highway Action

Lock the Gate Media Release World’s Longest Highway Protest, All Australian States and Territories Communities across Australia will take to our highways on June 25, 2016, as part of the world’s longest highway protest, to raise awareness about the risks of coal and unconventional gas mining to water resources in the lead-up to the Federal […]

Solar panels generate 5 times as many jobs per megawatt as coal or gas

In 2014, more than 12,000 Australians worked in rooftop solar installation, larger by far than the coal-fired power station workforce. This should not surprise us. Solar PV generates five times as any jobs in operation and maintenance per megawatt as coal or gas. Solar thermal has four times the number of jobs per megawatt, and […]

Earthquakes and Fracking

Earthquakes and Fracking information on Earthworks Earthquakes and Hydraulic Fracturing Fact Sheet Earthquakes caused by fracking British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission: Investigation of Observed Seismicity in the Horn River Basin, August 2012 CBC Fracking causes minor earthquakes, B.C. regulator says British Geological Survey: Fracking and Earthquake Hazard Cuadrilla Resources: Geomechanical Study of Bowland Shale Seismicity, […]

Australia 100% renewable electricity by 2030

The Homegrown Power Plan, a joint project between GetUp! and Solar Citizens, shows how we can repower the country with renewable energy, reboot our failing electricity system and remove the roadblocks holding back the renewables boom. Read the report here. Get involved here We must: Reboot the system, rewiring our laws to deliver affordable, […]

Analysis of scientific papers is damming against unconventional gas development!

Dr Jake Hays and Dr Seth Shonkoff reviewed the current scientific papers on shale gas between 2009 and 2015. This assessment was conducted using the PSE (Physicians, Scientists and Engineers) Database on Shale and Tight Gas Development which is available at: Over 685 papers on the impacts of unconventional gas development have been published […]

Number of unconventional gas publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals on the increase.

At least 685 papers relevant to unconventional gas impacts have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  At the end of 2015, over 80% of the peer reviewed scientific literature on shale and tight gas development has been published since January 1, 2013 and over 60% since January 1, 2014. At least 226 have been published in 2015 […]

Clean up old mine sites 15,000 in Qld

JOHN McCARTHY, The Sunday Mail (Qld) June 12, 2016 12:00am A NEW growth industry in the state could be cleaning up the mess left from a once booming industry now in decline. Activist and Lock the Gate president Drew Hutton said thousands of jobs could be created in rehabilitating more than 400 abandoned mines […]

Doctors for Environment call for a National Approach

Doctors for the Environment Australia has presented their submission to the Senate Select Committee on Unconventional Gas and is calling for a moratorium on all new unconventional gas operations until health risk assessments of procedures and chemicals performed on an industry wide basis have been undertaken.  DEA Submission available here. “DEA is of the view […]

Oil spill modelling for Great Australian Bight now released.

Independent oil spill modelling from the Great Australian Bight Alliance If a blowout and spill were to occur in summer, aside from the direct and severe impact in near water, the oil would very likely impact the shores of Western Australia. Simulations show oil contamination could reach as far as Albany and Denmark. Under […]

Thirty eight Limestone Coast communities road surveyed

Congratulations to all those communities who have participated in this community-driven survey.  This is a great example of grass-roots democracy. 38 Limestone Coast communities road surveyed now! An average of 95% of people in these communities have said YES to being Industrial Gasfield and Invasive Mining Free communities. Declaring communities Gasfield Free is just the beginning. The reality […]

Limestone Coast Video and Petition available!!

Special thanks to all the participants who helped make these three films possible. The first short two minute film titled : “Why I’m locking my gate” has been released on the LCPA website A Petition to the Premier of SA has also been released on community run – please sign here

Alice Springs Suburb Survey Results – 89% Vote Gasfield Free

89% call for no shale gas fracking in Central Australia – community results are in! The results of a neighbour-to-neighbour community survey of Old Eastside in Alice Springs were launched on Sunday afternoon, revealing residents’ views on controversial shale gasfield fracking in Central Australia. The survey has been three months in the making and has […]

Mining Site Rehabilitation….How coal companies avoid and minimise their obligations in NSW, Qld.

Do mining companies rehabilitate sites after they have removed the coal? What are the state laws with regards to this, and more importantly what actually happens? In Queensland there are the new Chain of Responsibility Laws, which have just today (26th May) for the first time been enacted requiring Linc Energy’s former CEO to decommission the sites waste […]

Linc Energy Former CEO issued with Environmental Protection Order

May 26th The Courier Mail reports…. Fantastic News ….lets hope this is the first of many actions to rehabilitate the damage done by Linc Energy and underground coal gasification. Linc Energy: Former chief executive Peter Bond issued with Environmental Protection Order The Courier-Mail AN Environmental Protection Order has been issued to former Linc Energy […]

WA to reduce state fossil fuel use for power.

WA to reduce state fossil fuel generation  By Giles Parkinson on 8 April 2016, excerpts The conservative West Australian state government has taken the lead over the rest of the country and instructed its state-owned utility to shut down 380MW of fossil fuel capacity in the next two years. It seems certain that much of this will […]

ACT 100% Renewable by 2020

RenewEconomy, May 2, 2016, excerpts In May, the ACT environment minister Simon Corbell stood up at the Local Energy and Micro-Grids conference in Sydney to announce that the ACT was going to accelerate its push to renewable energy, and would supply 100 per cent of its electricity needs from renewable energy by 2020, almost all of it from […]

Qld bans Underground Coal Gasification, yet SA is to embrace it!!

Leigh Creek Coal Gasification…really? Renew Economy, excerpts One company is proposing to use new technology to “gasify” the brown coal resource at Leigh Creek and use it for a large base load gas plant. Underground coal gasification has been banned in Queensland, but the South Australian government does not plan to follow that example. “There […]

End of Coal in SA – will it be a Solar Future for SA?

Pt. Augusta Power Station – End of SA Coal Era InDaily Monday, May 9, Bension Siebert, excerpts The coal era has ended in South Australia this morning with the closure of Alinta’s Northern power station in Port Augusta. Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis said it was a “sad day” but the Port Augusta plant was based on […]

Unconventional gas is a small employer

In November 2015, The Australia Institute (TAI) stated: The entire oil and gas industry in Australia employs 27,500 Australian workers, or less than a quarter of 1% of the Australian workforce,[1] considerably less than the retail hardware store Bunning’s, which employs 33,000.[2] [1] ABS (2013a). 6291.0.55.003 Labour Force, Australia, Detailed, Quarterly, September 2015, Australian Bureau […]

Delivery of our Petition in Canberra

A group from the Australian Conservation Federation has just delivered a petition of OVER 105,000 signatures to the 9 independent senators in Canberra this week. It was a powerful message that was very well received and had lots of media interest. We were greeted with open arms! This is a big deal in a government […]

Coal and the Bulga video from The Weekly

The Weekly has uploaded the Bulga segment so you can watch and share. I had a great laugh : you either laugh or you cry!

Health and Fracking Report

Background The United Kingdom (UK) is presently set to expand ‘hydraulic fracturing’ of shale formations (‘fracking’) as a means of extracting unconventional gas. Proponents of fracking have argued that it can be conducted safely and will bring benefits in the form of: a) energy that is cleaner in climate terms than coal and oil; b) […]

Santos CSG wastewater to top 1 million litres a day

Santos CSG wastewater to top 1 million litres a day – with nowhere to go Sydney Morning Herald reports on Date March 28, by Peter Hannam Environment Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald Santos Energy is seeking approval for a new waste treatment plant at its controversial pilot coal seam gas field in northern NSW without […]

New Book; The Human and Environmental Costs of Fracking

New Book; The Human and Environmental Costs of Fracking (Praeger Press, 2015) is available.  Madelon Finkel says; “This is an important book discussing many different aspects of an important topic. Each of the authors is an expert in his/her field, and the material is all evidenced-based (no personal opinions permitted). Natural gas and oil […]

Fracking causing earthquakes

Science has determined that fracking causes earthquakes — now it’s trying to figure out what to do next Business Insider Australia by Shane Ferro  Mar 5 2015, Researchers are pretty sure at this point that the increase in earthquakes in the middle of the US in recent years have been caused by fracking. The USGS […]

Earthquakes from deep fluid injection in wells increasing

U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey Coping with Earthquakes Induced by Fluid Injection. Released: 19th Feb 2015 MENLO PARK, Calif.— A paper published in Science provides a case for increasing transparency and data collection to enable strategies for mitigating the effects of human-induced earthquakes caused by wastewater injection associated with oil and gas […]

Sherlock Minerals Exploration Licences

See the map for the numbers which show where the exploration licences are. Sherlock Minerals Pty Ltd Exploration Licence; 5385 looking for Copper Gold Lead Silver Zinc Exploration Licence; 5386 looking for Copper Gold Lead Silver Zinc Exploration Licence; 5387 looking for Copper Gold Lead Silver Zinc Note that the other small areas on map […]

Strike Energy pulls out of Lignite Project near Kingston SE

Strike Energy hands back its licence to the State Government, 5th April 2015. Radio Adelaide After ten years of research into the possibilities of mining lignite in the South East, Strike Energy has handed back the licence to the State Government and gone elsewhere. After eight years of protests re lignite mine and associated activities, […]

Guardian Media Group to divest its £800m fund from fossil fuels

GMG becomes largest fund yet known to pull out of coal, oil and gas companies in a move chair Neil Berkett calls a ‘hard-nosed business decision’ justified on ethical and financial grounds. The Guardian Media Group (GMG) is to sell all the fossil fuel assets in its investment fund of over £800m, making it the […]

Obama administration unveils new fracking rules.

by David Jackson, March 20, 2015 The Obama administration said Friday it is tightening rules on fracking with regulations that it says will preserve the oil and gas extraction method while protecting water supplies and the environment. The new rules, which take effect in June, require oil and gas companies to disclose the chemicals they […]

NT pastoralists show down with mining companies; Landline

Boiling Point on Landline on 16th March 2015 PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: Northern Territory pastoralists are the most unprotected in the country when it comes to their rights in facing up to mining and exploration companies. For years, they’ve been pushing for better protection and a bolstering of legislation. But nothing has happened and tensions are […]

Chevron pulls out of unconventional gas in Cooper Basin

Read these three articles on Chevron withdrawing from unconventional gas exploration in Cooper Basin. Chevron pulls out of Aussie shale exploration By Sara Stefanini Posted 27 March 2015 13:16 GMT Chevron has pulled out of Beach Energy’s unconventional gas acreage in central Australia, just two years after the United States major made a splash by […]

Doctors for Environment Media Release on Senate Select Committee Queensland report

DEA is an independent health advocacy organisation of medical doctors addressing the health impacts of environmental damage. Doctors for the Environment; Media release: Politicians’ rush for profits puts Queenslanders at serious risk of illness 30 March 2015 Last Friday’s report into the former Queensland government not only exposes the inadequate regulation and approval processes […]

Maps of Limestone Coast Petroleum and Mineral licences

PEL image SarigMap (2) SarigMap Here are the Petroleum Exploration Licences in Limestone Coast.

SA State Mineral Royalties less than 3% and Oil and Gas under 9%

Royalties in SA 2012-2013 While Minerals production was 4.8 billion and Petroleum  production approx 1.1 billion Minerals royalties paid to State : $107.5m only about 2.2% of production Petroleum royalty $81.2 approx 8% of production Total SA State royalties 2012/13: $188.7m 2013-2014 Mineral production 5.4 billion and Petroleum production 1.6 billion Minerals royalties paid: $157.5m which is […]

UK Chief Scientist New Report Released – warns against fracking

The Guardian UK Fracking risk compared to thalidomide and asbestos in Walport report Historic innovations that have been adopted too hastily with grave unforeseen impacts provide cautionary examples for potential side effects of fracking, says report by government’s chief scientist Mark Walport. Fracking carries potential risks on a par with those from thalidomide, tobacco and […]

Leaks found at almost one in 10 AGL CSG wells at Camden

A coal seam gas field within 200 metres of residents in south-western Sydney has been revealed by the government regulator to have suffered a series of leaks. The Environment Protection Authority report found one in 10 of the well heads in the Camden gasfield were leaking methane gas, despite an earlier 10-day investigation by AGL giving […]

Petroleum Company has Exploration Licences Cancelled

The NSW Government has announced the cancellation of three coal seam gas exploration licences held by Leichhardt Resources Pty Ltd due to the company’s failure to comply with licence conditions. The cancellations are PELs 468 near Rylstone, 469 near Nowra and 470 near Moree. This announcement comes after years of hard-fought community campaigning. Minister Roberts […]

DSD’s Roundtable Humour

This is a slide from the upcoming Roundtable meeting being held this Thursday in Adelaide.  This DSD produced slide can certainly be viewed a variety of ways. My interpretation is the people of the South East leading the plethora of miners away to whence they came. The only Nirvana outcome I can see here are the […]

GasField Free Communities

Communities have begun to stand up – and are Locking The Gate in the hundreds! Through a comprehensive and truly democratic survey process, communities are declaring themselves ‘Gasfield Free’. Local roads throughout the Limestone Coast are now displaying “Gasfield Free” road signs sending a clear message of “Lock the Gate”, “Lock the Road” & ”Protect […]

Beach Energy’s containment ponds at risk of overflooding

Beach energy, DMITRE & the Minister for Mining have repeatedly assured the community that the drilling of the two exploration wells near Penola has been to “world’s best practice” and that the existing regulatory process would prevent groundwater contamination. It now appears that the two containment ponds used to store the waste water and potentially […]

Beach Energy plans to use Waste Water for Irrigation of pasture

Limestone Coast Protection Alliance are alarmed that Beach Energy are planning to use the drilling waste water from Bungaloo1 and Jolly1 wells to irrigate pasture.  Analysis of this water shows it is half to two thirds the salinity of salt water, with high levels of sodium, potassium, heavy metals such as barium and copper, plus […]

Dubious claims don’t fool LCPA

MINING companies like to tar everyone objecting to proposed unconventional gas developments in the Lower and Mid South East as “greenies and professional activists”, according to chairman of the Limestone Coast Protection Alliance Will Legoe. But the sheep and cattle producer and grapegrower says the membership of his organisation – which held its first meeting […]

Is Mining Worth the Risk?

People in our state are very proud of the international acclaim for South Australian wine, and South Australian food is recognised widely as being of extremely high quality. Premium brands such as Haigh’s chocolates, Penfolds Grange wine, Maggie Beer’s produce, Kangaroo Island honey from Ligurian bees, and Balfours frog cakes are all nationally recognised icons […]

Local government, community dispute ‘facts’

MORATORIUM NEEDED: Robe District Council Mayor Peter Risely – pictured with council chief executive officer Roger Sweetman – says the overwhelming community support for a moratorium on unconventional gas mining in the South East is gratifying, the law rests with mining companies. ROBE is hardly a place for political ferment and if far left and […]

Fracking Study Finds New Gas Wells Leak More

In Pennsylvania’s gas drilling boom, newer and unconventional wells leak far more often than older and traditional ones, according to a study of state inspection reports for 41,000 wells. The results suggest that leaks of methane could be a problem for drilling across the nation, said study lead author Cornell University engineering professor Anthony Ingraffea, […]

State Mining Tax ‘holiday’ Alarm

Anne Daw – who serves on the Rountable for Unconventional Gas Projects – described the inclusion of a ‘royalty holiday’ in Thursday’s state budget announcement as appalling. Under the announcement, companies would be given a FIVE YEAR ‘holiday’ from royalty payments to stimulate developments, but they would still need to be paid following the grace […]

Overwhelming proof that fracking contaminates water

We’ve seen it before (like in Gasland Part II), scientific evidence proves that drilling and fracking contaminated ground water, but then the industry swoops in with their misinformation campaigns and pressure on regulatory agencies, and suddenly there’s a new set of “facts” to debate. Our video of the week shows that the Lispky family is […]

South East Councils push for caution and strict controls on gas developments!

The South East Local Government Association (SELGA) moved several motions at its meeting on Friday, urging State and Federal governments to take note of community concerns over issues associated with exploration and production of unconventional gas. Currently there is exploration activity in the South East for reserves of tight gas and shale gas to determine […]

Mount Gambier council adopts anti-fracking stance

Mount Gambier city councillors have unanimously supported a motion opposing unconventional gas exploration in south-east South Australia. The council is calling on the State Government to impose at least a two-year moratorium on fracking. It also wants the South-East Local Government Association to adopt a clear stance on the matter. Limestone Coast Protection Alliance member […]

Former Mobil Exec Warns of Fracking and Climate Change

Few people can explain gas and oil drilling with as much authority as Louis W. Allstadt. As an executive vice president of Mobil oil, he ran the company’s exploration and production operations in the western hemisphere before he retired in 2000. In 31 years with the company he also was in charge of its marketing and […]

Online Citizen News Story Publishing Site

This is a site where you can publish your own coal seam gas related news. Many people from all over the world post articles here. View the Australia section of Coal Seam Gas News here

Mining Industry ‘misconceptions’

THE Limestone Coast needs to choose between a future as an agriculturally rich food bowl and renowned wine region or an unconventional shale gasfield dotted with wells that have a lifespan of 15-20 years at most. That’s the opinion of Australia Institute’s Mark Ogge. A researcher with the independent think-tank based in Canberra, he delivered […]

Third Report in Three Days Shows Scale of Fracking Perils

‘We can conclude that this process has not been shown to be safe’ – Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer March 2013 Annapolis, Maryland rally against fracking (Flickr / Maryland Sierra Club / Creative Commons license)The fracking industry is having a bad week. In the third asssessment in as many days focused on the pollution created by […]

Opportunities Galore in Australian Shale Gas

An article in outlining why Beach Energy and other companies are involved in unconventional gas mining….. yep. it is all about MONEY! Click here to read the article

Fracking worries for wine region

Interview with Peter Balnaves on ABC PM with Caroline Winter. MARK COLVIN: There are warnings that one of Australia’s most prestigious wine regions could be at risk if gas exploration goes ahead in South Australia. Agriculturalists in the Coonawarra are calling for a moratorium on the practice, over fears that CSG drilling could harm underground […]

Fracking our Future

The Australia Institute has written a paper that busts the gas industry’s myths about coal seam gas (CSG). The gas industry has been prolific in putting out exaggerated claims about CSG’s economic benefits while at the same time staying almost completely silent on the health and environmental risks. This paper looks at both the economic […]

Public wants more CSG regulation, federal oversight

One in two Australians want more regulation of coal seam gas, while 71 per cent think the federal government should be responsible for regulating the industry rather than individual states, according to new research by The Australia Institute. Fracking the future: Busting industry myths about coal seam gas will be launched today by former Independent […]

Limestone Coast Grape & Wine Council Plea

This full page advert was in the Penola Pennant Wed March 12th

Is your property covered by a Petroleum Exploration License (PEL)?

Is your property covered by a Petroleum Exploration License (PEL)? Come and speak to us at the South East Field Days 21st & 22nd March to find out more about the mining exploration happening NOW in the Limestone Coast. Sign up to become a member of the Protect the Limestone Coast Alliance  

Three myths the coal seam gas industry wants you to believe

Click here to read the article – from The Conversation an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public. Myth 1: The gas industry is a big employer Myth 2: More CSG will stop the gas price rises Myth 3: CSG can act as […]

Wattle Range Council calls to block fracking in South East

South Eastern Times article March 2014 – Wattle Range Council calls to protect the South East’s water resources from the possible environmental impact of oil and gas exploration.

Smell concerns local landholder and his cattle

A cattle farmer near Penola, in South Australia’s south east, is worried about a strong odour he says is coming from the mud waste of a nearby drilling project. Click here to listen to the ABC radio interview Beach Energy is looking for shale gas in the area, drilling up to four kilometres below the […]

Santos poisoned the groundwater in the Pilliga and then they lied about it

There was shocking news in the Sydney Morning Herald for the farmers of north-west NSW on Saturday – groundwater in the Pilliga had been poisoned with uranium, arsenic and other heavy metals as a result of CSG activities by Santos. After hearing the news on Saturday, farmers Mark and Cherie Robinson jumped into action, and […]

Don Pegler says NO to Fracking

Click here to read Don Pegler’s saying No to Fracking advert in the lead up to next weekend’s State Election  

Sidoarjo (Indonesia) mud flow – caused by Natural Gas drilling

Indonesian Mud Volcano due to Fracking Amazing that it took 5 years for the majority of scientists to agree it was caused by drilling for gas – and that Santos paid a princely sum of about $22M to get out of it. To date I don’t think any compensation has been paid to all those […]

Doctors won’t know long-term health effects of unconventional drilling – says GP

Following her interview on 5THE FM on Friday 21st February, Dr Catherine Pye addressed the meeting arranged by Millicent Field Naturalist Society and the Limestone Coast Strike Out Alliance, in Millicent.  Dr Pye has lived in Mt Gambier for 23 years, has been a GP for 16 years  and a Locum for 17 years, and […]

Coal seam gas industry’s solution to underground pollution is to bury the proof

Coal seam gas industry’s solution to underground pollution is to bury the proof – article in the Sydney Morning Herald 28th Feb 2014. A to-the-point quote “In Wyoming, we have a saying: don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining.”

Fracking Information Flyer

Click on the image below to view the Limestone Coast Fracking Information Flyer  

Fracking impact warning

Fracking Impact Warning – article in Penola Pennant 26th Feb 2014

Grapes of Wrath – vineyards resist fracking

Grapes of Wrath – vineyards resist fracking – article in The Australian “ONE of the nation’s most prestigious wine regions – the Coonawarra, on South Australia’s Limestone Coast – has emerged as the latest battleground in the conflict between mining interests and agriculturalists.”

Exxon CEO Comes Out Against Fracking Project Because It Will Affect His Property Values

This falls under the category of ironic! Exxon CEO Comes Out Against Fracking Project Because It Will Affect His Property Values

Senator Xenophon to fight

Senator Xenophon to take the fight against Conventional Mining to Canberra – Penola Pennant 19.2.14 sm    


MEDIA RELEASE  18th February 2014 DONATIONS REVEALED FROM BEACH ENERGY AND SANTOS TO THE LIBERALS Don Pegler, Independent M.P. for Mount Gambier, has accessed public records that show large donations from Beach Energy to the Liberal Party, over the past 3 years. Don Pegler has  written to the Minerals and Resources Minister, Tom Koutsantonis, requesting […]

Liberal Party received Beach Energy donations

Liberal Position Scrutiny – Article in the Border Watch 18th Feb 2014

Mining Opponents take battle to council

Mining Opponents take battle to Councils Border Watch article 5th Feb 2014  

Fracking Fears

Fracking Fears – article in the Western District Farmer February 2014. Click here to read the article from the Western District Farmer Feb 2014  

Depth of Spin puts farmers on guard

Tony Beck article in The Stock Journal 30th Jan 2014

Protesters send clear message against Fracking

  Pressure Builds : water worry drives protest – Articles in the Penola Pennant 29th Jan 2014  

Energy Company prepares to start gas search

Beach Energy prepares to start gas search – Articles in Penola Pennant 15th Jan 2014