Protecting landholders’ rights in South Australia

Speech by Penny Wright | Environment & Biodiversity / Resources, Mining & CSG on 6th March 2014

“With unconventional mining spreading its tentacles across Australia, it has been extremely heartening to see civil society come into action, with strong and diverse alliances across sectors and the community to protect what we know we must protect and to oppose the health, social, cultural and environmental threats that coalmining and unconventional gas mining pose.”

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  1. Peter Kroon
    Peter Kroon says:

    Why is SA so backwards regarding fracking , does it not have enough information that it pollutes ALL ground ware including the Great Artesian Basin by fracking ? All our live stock will die and we will not have safe drinking water due to the evil chemicals that are required to be used during the fracking operation .
    You only need to look at America , and so much for our GREEN state . Obviously our politicians have a lot of money involved so as to make them richer .
    It is utterly disgraceful to allow fracking anywhere in Australia as there is plenty of gas available the normal drilling way like at Moomba .


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