Qld bans Underground Coal Gasification, yet SA is to embrace it!!

Leigh Creek Coal Gasification…really?

Renew Economy, excerpts

One company is proposing to use new technology to “gasify” the brown coal resource at Leigh Creek and use it for a large base load gas plant. Underground coal gasification has been banned in Queensland, but the South Australian government does not plan to follow that example.

“There is no need to politicise this process – the approval or otherwise of the proposed coal gasification project at Leigh Creek should be based on science,” Energy and Mineral Resources minister Tom Koutsantonis said in a prepared statement for RenewEconomy.

“Leigh Creek Energy will need to pass rigorous environmental impact assessments overseen by expert scientists if this project is to go ahead. We have a very effective regulatory framework in South Australia and the merits of the Leigh Creek Energy project will be assessed against that framework, not this decision in Queensland.”

(Seeing is not believing? Please note that the CEO of Leigh Creek Energy was a former Senior Manager with Linc Energy in Qld ! How does that make me feel safe? Ed.)


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