Renewable Energy 100% electricity and transport by 2050

Australia : We CAN get 100% renewable electricity by 2030! But do our political parties have the will?

The Homegrown Power Plan, a joint project between GetUp! and Solar Citizens, shows how we can repower the country with 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

How? By rebooting our failing electricity system, removing the roadblocks holding us back, and investing in the renewables boom.

A move to 100% renewable energy is practical, achievable, economically sound and overwhelmingly popular. Governments are being left behind by citizens voting with their feet (or their rooftops). It’s time they caught up.

The Homegrown Power Plan shows that 100% of our electricity can be renewable by 2030, and that 40% of our transport energy can be renewable by 2035, and 100% of both our electricity and transport energy can be renewable by 2050.

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Renewable Energy Jobs: Future Growth in Australia

Projections of the escalating risks of climate change under a business as usual, high emissions scenario are becoming more certain and more disturbing.  Electricity generation accounts for about 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The Australian Capital Territory and South Australia, are already leading the way in renewables aiming for 100% renewable.

Currently only 14.6% of Australia’s electricity is coming from renewable energy (Clean Energy Council 2016). At the same time, research suggests that Australia would need to source a minimum of 50% of its power from renewable sources by 2030 to achieve emissions reductions consistent with a 2°C pathway (ClimateWorks 2014).

Australia has the potential to generate a much higher proportion of our electricity and transport needs from renewable energy.   Our renewable energy resources are potentially capable of providing 500 times the amount of electricity we currently use (AEMO 2013; Commonwealth of Australia 2014).

A 50% Renewable Electricity scenario in 2030 will lead to over 28,000 new jobs, nearly 50% more employment than a business as usual scenario.

Job losses in the shift from coal fired electricity generation must be planned early with the community and industry involved.   As in other economic and technology shifts, jobs will be lost and new jobs will be created.  Some jobs will be easy to replace, while others may require re-training, up-skilling or relocation, or may disappear.  But 50% renewable electricity in 2030 will lead to nearly 50% more employment from electricity generation than business as usual.

Renewable Energy Jobs: Future Growth in Australia by Ernst & Young and the Climate Council of Australia.


(Photo from Mount Gambier)

We ask what renewable energy targets are being put forward by our political leaders?

  • Australian Labor is aiming for 50% renewable energy by 2030.
  • Liberal Party is aiming for 23% renewable energy by 2020. (Projected estimate is 34% by 2030)
  • The Greens are aiming for 90% renewable energy by 2030.
  • Nick Xenophon Team supports maintaining RET at 23% by 2020. And is investigating 100% renewable by 2030.
  • Family First have no renewable energy policy.
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