Sidoarjo (Indonesia) mud flow – caused by Natural Gas drilling

Indonesian Mud Volcano due to Fracking

Amazing that it took 5 years for the majority of scientists to agree it was caused by drilling for gas – and that Santos paid a princely sum of about $22M to get out of it. To date I don’t think any compensation has been paid to all those home owners !


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  1. kb
    kb says:

    Ahh, this environmental catastrophe was not caused by ‘fracking’.
    I think if you really want to be taken seriously, you need to ensure that you only put truthful, well researched articles and interviews/ documentaries on your website.
    As someone who has been a part of the oil and gas industry for 25 years, I still keep an open mind about the potential damages my industry could cause to the earth I live on, and whilst it is not perfect, I do resent that articles with no research are put up on these sites.
    Why? What is the agenda? Sensationalism?
    I have no issues with accurate reporting of gross neglect by companies who destroy our great country – but please ensure that the story is correct.

    • LC Updates
      LC Updates says:

      HI Kb,
      I am not sure which story you are referring to, but there are peer reviewed medical articles that show that living within 1/2 mile of a gas well increases your risk of neurological conditions, and respiratory illnesses as well as cancers. There is also a recent paper by McKenzie, that shows an association between living within 10miles of a gas well and having a baby with congenital heart disease. This risk increases the more wells and the closer you are to a gas well. This is a peer reviewed paper published recently in Environmental Health Perspectives January 2014. What I would like is for the oil and gas industry to follow the precautionary principal (First do no Harm and prove it is safe) and take permanent open ended liability for any water, soil, air or health contamination or harm that is caused.


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