Lock the Gate Road Trip to Kingston SE


Friday 17th June at 2pm – 3pm

All Welcome

Come and meet Phil Laird and Annie Kia from Lock The Gate Alliance who will share how communities are winning, and what you can do to protect your ‘Mining Free Brand’ and protect your livelihood, land and families.

Phil Laird is National Campaign Coordinator of Lock The Gate. A farmer, he understands the harm that contamination can do to rural enterprises. Phil will speak on insurance risks to landholders from unconventional gasfields.

This will be Annie’s fourth visit to our region. As Lock The Gate Community Engagement Coordinator, she helps communities develop their own Mining and Gasfield Free strategies.

LCPA are aware that Sherlock Minerals plans to explore for lead, silver, zinc and other minerals over large mining leases close to Kingston SE.  This is of great concern to many local landowners and the community at large. As reported by LCPA in April last year, Strike Energy handed back its licence for the Kingston Lignite Project.  A lot of work by locals made this possible.

Sherlock Minerals Exploration Licences

See the map for the numbers which show where the exploration licences are.Sherlock Minerals Exploration licences

Sherlock Minerals Pty Ltd

Exploration Licence; 5385 looking for Copper Gold Lead Silver Zinc

Exploration Licence; 5386 looking for Copper Gold Lead Silver Zinc

Exploration Licence; 5387 looking for Copper Gold Lead Silver Zinc

Note that the other small areas on map are for;

Agricola Mining Pty Ltd

Exploration Licence; 5575 looking for Carbonate

Exploration Licence; 5576 looking for Magnesite

Strike Energy pulls out of Lignite Project near Kingston SE

Strike Energy hands back its licence to the State Government,

5th April 2015. Radio Adelaide

After ten years of research into the possibilities of mining lignite in the South East, Strike Energy has handed back the licence to the State Government and gone elsewhere. After eight years of protests re lignite mine and associated activities, campaigners and residents have cause to celebrate. Campaigner Anne Daw called into the studio to speak with Barometer’s Sue Reece and let us know all the updates.

Listen to this interview here;

Find out more about Sherlock Minerals here


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