Nelson Learning Exchange Weekend

Gasfield Free West Alliance and Limestone Coast Protection Alliance invite you to attend a South Australian and Victorian learning exchange weekend on 25th and 26th April.

Come along to learn more about public speaking, writing media releases, speaking to TV and radio, Facebook and Twitter, networking and sharing ideas.

For the full program and to book your place contact Chloe Aldenhoeven on phone 0432 328 107

Nelson weekend

With both major political parties hell-bent on fracking our region, only a strong social movement can save us. 

That means us!  There is no rescue party. We are it.

 In regions where they’re winning, ordinary people like you have:

  • gained confidence – to speak on stalls, on radio and to groups
  • learn how to edit photos for social media – and got their story out
  • learn how to facilitate meetings – so their group functions well and attracts new people
  • learn about nonviolence – to win their campaign
  • learn how to build the movement – so more people get involved

We have a rare chance to learn together in a warm, fun atmosphere on the weekend of April 25th and 26th.

The coming Nelson Learning Exchange Weekend is a once-off opportunity. An added bonus is we can strengthen links with Western Victoria. The more we network, the stronger our campaigns.

Perhaps you’re feeling, as you read this, “oh.. I’ve never done anything like that before‘…

You won’t be the only person feeling that, because to save our region, we’ll all find ourselves doing things we’ve never done before!

I’ve spoken with people from the Northern Rivers where a powerful movement looks like winning. They they say they can’t believe how alive they’ve felt, the skills they’ve learnt, and the friends they’ve made.

Would you like a piece of that? Then join us at the Nelson Learning Exchange Weekend

Give it a go! This once-off opportunity costs only a donation of $20-30.

If you are not into sharing a bunkroom you are welcome to bring your motorhome, caravan, campervan or tent etc.