Thirty eight Limestone Coast communities road surveyed

Congratulations to all those communities who have participated in this community-driven survey.  This is a great example of grass-roots democracy.

38 Limestone Coast communities road surveyed now!

An average of 95% of people in these communities have said YES to being Industrial Gasfield and Invasive Mining Free communities.

Declaring communities Gasfield Free is just the beginning. The reality is, we still have a number of obstacles to overcome.  Many of the politicians seem determined to expand unconventional gasfields here. Our verdant, productive region is in danger. The only option we have now is to grow a strong citizens’ grass roots campaign to put pressure on decision makers.

The key to building a social movement is staying connected. We hope you will choose to stay on our email list to receive occasional campaign updates.

The other thing that is helpful is if people join together in small Action Groups to do creative campaign activities. This kind of collaboration can be very rewarding. We don’t have to be experts in anything….just committed people who love our region. If you would like to survey your community or find out how to connect with others to protect our region from gasfields, please give Sue a call on 0408 820 797 or email


Limestone Coast Video and Petition available!!

Special thanks to all the participants who helped make these three films possible.

The first short two minute film titled : “Why I’m locking my gate” has been released on the LCPA website

A Petition to the Premier of SA has also been released on community run – please sign here


GasField Free Communities

Wattle Range Council Road declared Gasfield and Mining Free

Wattle Range Council Road declared Gasfield and Mining Free

Communities have begun to stand up – and are Locking The Gate in the hundreds! Through a comprehensive and truly democratic survey process, communities are declaring themselves ‘Gasfield Free’.

Local roads throughout the Limestone Coast are now displaying “Gasfield Free” road signs sending a clear message of “Lock the Gate”, “Lock the Road” & ”Protect the Region” from industrial gasfield activities. Communities simply do not want this in their backyard.

Faced with the extraordinary capture of our governments by the mining industry, the region is witnessing a historic alliance of our local councils, mayors, farmers, conservationists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, parents, students and retirees who are saying no and locking their gates. Together, they are saying it’s time to protect existing agricultural industries, our land, water and health from the destructive force of the proposed open cut mining and gasfield projects in the Limestone Coast.

Local communities who are locking their gate, locking their road and protecting their region are the building blocks of a strong community campaign. Knowing what is at stake, the “Lock the Gate” strategy is providing pathways for more people to join in the movement and is now spreading across the country and the world, inspiring communities everywhere.

The District Council of Robe was the first council in the Limestone Coast to call on our State Government to halt unconventional gas mining in our region and since then all seven local councils have banded together to ask the State Government for a moratorium on unconventional gas mining, buffer zones and landholder approval prior to mining. So it is only appropriate that communities in the District Council of Robe will be the first to present their “Gasfield Free” declarations to the Mayor of Robe at a ceremony on Saturday 11th October.

All are welcome to this historic event.

Doctors won’t know long-term health effects of unconventional drilling – says GP


Following her interview on 5THE FM on Friday 21st February, Dr Catherine Pye addressed the meeting arranged by Millicent Field Naturalist Society and the Limestone Coast Strike Out Alliance, in Millicent.  Dr Pye has lived in Mt Gambier for 23 years, has been a GP for 16 years  and a Locum for 17 years, and is actively involved in advocacy for health. She said she is concerned that doctors will not   know what the long-term health effects of unconventional drilling will be with in the community.

Rosie Pounsett from Millicent Field Nats welcomed 60 members of the community attending the meeting which was held to create awareness about unconventional drilling. Charmaine Taylor Symes, business owner from Penola, said in describing the film;  it is an Australian Film,  what happened to Australians and  said,” I believe that this film is – rather than being overstated, it is understated, in describing the adverse affects unconventional drilling can have on a community both economically and on their health.”

Millicent Alliance Film Night 4

The film ‘A Fractured County  ‘ – An Unconventional Invasion was screened and questions were welcomed from the floor. The film featured Australians whose lives and health has been affected for ever.  Creek water igniting, tap water igniting, children’s nose bleeds, and children’s skin chemical burns from bath water were among some of the adverse affects shown.

Dr Pye said:- “We need a healthy environment,  and healthy water for our communities to be healthy overall and anything that could endanger  these seriously concerns me,” she said.  “I understand that the whole of the lower South East of SA is covered by an exploration licence. They have drilled south of Penola and will soon drill north/west of Penola. These are test wells, not fracking, but they drill down through our aquifers to a depth of about four kilometers and I am concerned about the integrity of the well. If this fails it can release chemicals into the aquifers.”

Dr Pye said, “if they go ahead the landscape will change considerably. A shale gas field is a vast network of oil pads, roads, pipes, compressor stations and flair pits. Wells can be just five kilometres apart and if there are hundreds or thousands of wells across the South East it will devastate the landscape.” When asked about our farmers and their rights, Dr Pye said, ” Farmers have no rights, they can say they don’t want drilling but ultimately the farmer has no rights in South Australia.” “Fracking is a process that involves forcing chemicals underground and this is not the only concern, it is the chemicals that are released from underground too,” she said.

Each drill hole uses up to 14,7000,000 litres of water and 56,800 litres of chemicals and proppants are used. The same chemicals are used for fracking shale and for coal. In a report from the United States it was reported that 944 products are used to frack, 633 of them are chemicals. Three quarters of these could affect eyes, skin, kidneys, brain and a quarter of them could cause cancer.
In Australia there are about 60 chemicals used and Dr Pye said as a doctor she is concerned about what they are.

“Chemicals used in fracking have to be disclosed in Western Australia but not in South Australia, and as doctors we need to know what is being used and potentially what patients may have been
exposed to when they present at our surgeries and emergency departments.” “Reports from Wyoming show household water is now black and can’t be used. Drinking water has to be trucked in for the whole town.” “In Queensland symptoms appearing  include nose bleeds, headaches and school problems.”

“The Robe Council is supporting a moratorium and we hope that all councils in the South East will do the same,” she said.

Millicent Alliance Film Night 6

Dr Pye has a special interest in mental health and said a recent paper by a psychologist in the Hunter Valley, where fracking is taking place, says that the uncertainty and stress alone can have an effect on mental health. “I am a strong believer in community and health is a big part of that,” she said. Fracking is a term used to describe the fracturing of underground rock formations with horizontal drilling. This
process is not an old process with years of research to show if it is a safe procedure; it is relatively new, only being used since 2007 in cluster drills. The horizontal  drills have high volume, high pressure water and chemicals forced underground to fracture the rock. Loss of well integrity allows the escape of methane and volatile organic compounds such as benzine (a carcinogen) to escape into the aquifers or air.

It has been reported that particles of chemicals used in this process can travel through the air, landing on roofs, polluting the air and water in communities during the disposal process of the water after the drilling process. Additional concerns about the drilling process are;- heavy machinery traffic, flaring, well integrity failure,  24 hour noise, collapse of the holding ponds releasing toxic overflow into land
and water ways, devaluation of farms and homes, devaluation of houses, escalation of rentals prices making rentals out of the reach of local communities. Most employees in the drilling industry are
fly in fly out and so money is not often spent in the local community.

‘In the Beach Energy Environmental Impact Report, Beach proposes to burn any excess hydrocarbons in a vertical flare. The burning off of gas from a new well releases Hydrogen sulphide, methane and
btex chemicals (benzine, toluene, ethylbezine, xylene) into the air, as well as mercury, arsenic, and chromium. The USA banned flaring after January 2015.’(provided by the Dr Pye  encourages communities to contact their councils and ask for a four year moratorium on unconventional drilling, to allow time for further research into the safety of this process. Landholders were encouraged to put ‘Lock the Gate’ signs on their gates as a peaceful non-cooperation that shows companies and the government that landholders are determined to protect their land, water and health from inappropriate mining.

One of the concerned people attending the meeting,  Barbara Cameron of Beachport  said, ” Good planets are hard to find, we need to protect the one we have. If our water supply is damaged and we
don’t have water – we have nothing.”

Two closed meetings are arranged for March 11th with Wattle Range Council in Millicent and SELGA in Penola. Representatives from Beach Energy, DMITRE, DEWNR, Anne Daw, and Dr Gavin Mudd will be in attendance at both meetings. There will be no health representation at the SELGA meeting, but there will be at the Wattle Range meeting.
Click here to view the film The Fractured Country

Millicent Alliance Film Night 5  Millicent Alliance Film Night 3 Millicent Alliance Film Night 2


Fracking impact warning

Fracking Impact Warning – article in Penola Pennant 26th Feb 2014



Lock the Gate Road Trip Mount Gambier 2pm

MOUNT GAMBIER – South Aussie Hotel, 78 Commercial Street East

Saturday 18th June at 2pm.

Come and meet Phil Laird and Annie Kia from Lock The Gate Alliance who will share how communities are winning, and what you can do to protect your ‘Mining Free Brand’ and protect your livelihood, land and families.

Phil Laird is National Campaign Coordinator of Lock The Gate. A farmer, he understands the harm that contamination can do to rural enterprises. Phil will speak about serious risks that flow from lack of insurance cover for unconventional gasfields.

Annie will present recent evidence from shale fracking in the US.

This will be Annie’s fourth visit to our region. As Lock The Gate Community Engagement Coordinator, she helps communities develop their own Mining and Gasfield Free strategies.

Annie Kia delivers


The Limestone Coast Protection Alliance will host a “Meet the Candidates for Barker” Forum in Mount Gambier

When: Saturday, 18th June from 5pm to 7pm.

Where: Dress Circle, Main Corner, 1 Bay Road, Mount Gambier

Master of Ceremonies will be former ABC presenter and personality, Stan Thomson who will also act as adjudicator as the candidates are asked questions from the floor.

Candidates for Barker in the Federal Election who have accepted an invitation to attend are sitting Liberal member, Tony Pasin; James Stacey, (Nick Xenophon Team); Yvonne Zeppel (Family First Party); and Mat O’Brien, (ALP). The Greens will also field a candidate in Barker, but they have not yet released the candidate’s name.

As nominations do not close until June 9th there may be further nominations who will also be invited to join the Forum.

Candidates will be given an opportunity to briefly discuss their policies, background and personal commitment before being asked to answer any questions from the floor.

This will be your opportunity to ask the candidates any questions about the issues that concern you within the electorate of Barker.

Light refreshments will be available after the Forum when participants and candidates will have any opportunity for informal discussion.


As numbers will be limited please register your attendance by email to or phone Merilyn Paxton on 8768 6100 or Dennis Vice on 0427 653 311.



Lock the Gate Road Trip to Naracoorte

Lock The Gate Limestone Coast Road Trip

NARACOORTE – Naracoorte Town Hall, 95 Smith St, Naracoorte.

Monday 20th June at 2-3.30pm

Vignerons, primary producers & landowners are invited to hear Lock the Gate Alliance Campaign Coordinator Phil Laird and LTG Community Engagement Coordinator, Annie Kia. Phil coordinates LTG national political strategy. He is a farmer who understands the harm that contamination can do to rural enterprises. This will be Annie’s fourth visit to our region. As Community Engagement Coordinator, she helps communities develop their campaign strategies. Their presentation will cover:

  • What we’re learning from successes – how alliances are winning
  • Recent evidence from US fracking regions
  • Insurance risk for producers in unconventional gasfields
  • What you can do to protect your ‘Gasfield Free’ brand

Phil and Annie come with significant experience from NSW campaigns where the Lock The Gate movement has succeeded in getting the government to buy back gas licences over much of the state.

160620 Naracoorte promo

Lucindale Gasfield Free Public meeting

Come to a community film evening to find out about unconventional gas and fracking.

Wednesday 22nd July at 7.30pm at the Senior Citizens Clubrooms, Lucindale

Learn more about the potential impacts to our farmlands, water and health.

Watch the short Australian documentary ” Fractured Country”

We will have guest speaker Huck Shepherd, Chairperson of the Limestone Coast Protection Alliance available to answer your questions.

All Welcome.

More details contact Huck on 0427642034

150617 Lucindale meeting poster

Lochaber Gasfield Free Celebration Ceremony

Community members and Landholders


 All Welcome

 Three Naracoorte Lucindale Council communities will come together to declare themselves “Gasfield Free” at an official ceremony at Lochaber Hall, Lochaber on Sunday 19th July.

 Overall 89% of residents in Lochaber, Keppoch and Stewart Range communities have voted to keep their communities gasfield and invasive mining free.

 All welcome to this family friendly event which will commence at 2pm at Lochaber Hall with the presentation of declaration scrolls to the Naracoorte Lucindale Council elected representative.

Afternoon tea will be supplied by the Women in Agriculture and Business.

By community vote, the declarations are a strong statement from the people, wanting to protect their neighbourhoods from unconventional gasfields and the threat of water, soil and air contamination, falling property values, and loss of farmland.

The Limestone Coast communities are standing up to protect existing industries, their land, water, air and health by locking the gate, locking the road and protecting their region through the Lock the Gate movement and becoming Gasfield Free and Invasive Mining Free.

Lochaber Hall is on Lochaber Rd North via Lochaber Lane and then turn north onto Lochaber Rd Nth. Not far from the corner. (Lochaber Lane is on the left as you travel north of Naracoorte)

More information contact Heather Heggie

Poster Gasfield Declaration Ceremony

Mount Gambier Community Meeting

All Welcome

5.30pm, at the South Aussie Hotel in 78 Commercial St East, Mount Gambier.

Wednesday 20th May

Get involved, find out how we can stop the gasfields from developing in the Limestone Coast of SA

Protect your homes, protect your roads, protect your communities, SA!

robe Christmas pageant

Wattle Range Communities Gasfield Free Celebration

All Welcome for Gasfield Free Ceremony at Lake Leake at 11am

Gasfield  and invasive mining free road declaration scrolls will be presented to the

Mayor of Wattle Range Peter Gandolfi.

Come along to declare your road gasfield and invasive mining free.

Free BBQ put on by Glencoe Progress Association plus Children’s games and stalls.

Wattle Range Communities support for Gasfield and Invasive Mining Free average 96%.

Wattle Range East 95.8%

Monbulla 98.5%

Short 100%

Maaoupe 88.2%

Glencoe 94.2%

Krongart 100%

Wattle Range 98.3%

Protected by Community.

All Welcome

Lake Leake is 6km north of Glencoe on Lake Leake road and it is the Lake.

For more information contact Lesley on 87394282

Mil Lel Ceremony image2

Microsoft Word - Poster Gasfield Declaration Ceremony.doc

Fractured Country; An unconventional invasion film screening

FREE documentary ‘Fractured Country’ Screening at the Main Corner, 1 Bay Road, Mount Gambier, SA 5290.

Come and watch a FREE film with your friends about what’s threatening this beautiful region we live in. We are all connected by a common thread and that thread being water.  Are YOU willing to stand by and watch that water be put at risk of contamination?

Please come along and get informed and help secure the future for our children.

Duration 40min.  

Sunday 19 April 12:30pm

Fractured Country: an unconventional invasion Film screening

FREE documentary ‘Fractured Country’ Screening at the Main Corner, 1 Bay Road, Mount Gambier, SA 5290.

Come and watch a FREE film with your friends about what’s threatening this beautiful region we live in. We are all connected by a common thread and that thread being water.  Are YOU willing to stand by and watch that water be put at risk of contamination?

Please come along and get informed and help secure the future for our children.

Duration 40min.  

Thursday 16 April 6:30pm  – please note following this there is a special event at the METRO Café opposite on Commercial St East with music, food and entertainment to support local groups opposing unconventional gas.


Fractured Country ; An unconventional invasion film screening

FREE documentary ‘Fractured Country’ Screening at the Main Corner, 1 Bay Road, Mount Gambier, SA 5290.

Come and watch a FREE film with your friends about what’s threatening this beautiful region we live in. We are all connected by a common thread and that thread being water.  Are YOU willing to stand by and watch that water be put at risk of contamination?

Please come along and get informed and help secure the future for our children.

Duration 40min.  

Thursday 16 April 2:15pm

Thursday 16 April 6:30pm

Sunday 19 April 12:30pm