Lock the Gate Road Trip to Naracoorte

Lock The Gate Limestone Coast Road Trip

NARACOORTE – Naracoorte Town Hall, 95 Smith St, Naracoorte.

Monday 20th June at 2-3.30pm

Vignerons, primary producers & landowners are invited to hear Lock the Gate Alliance Campaign Coordinator Phil Laird and LTG Community Engagement Coordinator, Annie Kia. Phil coordinates LTG national political strategy. He is a farmer who understands the harm that contamination can do to rural enterprises. This will be Annie’s fourth visit to our region. As Community Engagement Coordinator, she helps communities develop their campaign strategies. Their presentation will cover:

  • What we’re learning from successes – how alliances are winning
  • Recent evidence from US fracking regions
  • Insurance risk for producers in unconventional gasfields
  • What you can do to protect your ‘Gasfield Free’ brand

Phil and Annie come with significant experience from NSW campaigns where the Lock The Gate movement has succeeded in getting the government to buy back gas licences over much of the state.

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Naracoorte Lucindale Gasfield and Mining Free Celebration


Wednesday, 18th May at 7.00 pm


Your questions will be answered.

Guest Speaker Debbie Nulty will speak about the impacts of invasive mining on landholders and regional communities.

Everybody is welcome and an enjoyable supper will be provided.


Bool Lagoon, Struan and Moyhall Community GASFIELD FREE Celebration

Sunday 25th October at Mary Seymour Conservation Park, Bool Lagoon Road.

Three communities in Naracoorte Lucindale Council area are declaring themselves Gasfield and invasive open cut mining free.

All welcome

Please come and show your support for our newest communities to declare themselves Gasfield and Invasive Open cut Mining Free.

More details : contact Heather Heggie on



Lochaber Gasfield Free Celebration Ceremony

Community members and Landholders


 All Welcome

 Three Naracoorte Lucindale Council communities will come together to declare themselves “Gasfield Free” at an official ceremony at Lochaber Hall, Lochaber on Sunday 19th July.

 Overall 89% of residents in Lochaber, Keppoch and Stewart Range communities have voted to keep their communities gasfield and invasive mining free.

 All welcome to this family friendly event which will commence at 2pm at Lochaber Hall with the presentation of declaration scrolls to the Naracoorte Lucindale Council elected representative.

Afternoon tea will be supplied by the Women in Agriculture and Business.

By community vote, the declarations are a strong statement from the people, wanting to protect their neighbourhoods from unconventional gasfields and the threat of water, soil and air contamination, falling property values, and loss of farmland.

The Limestone Coast communities are standing up to protect existing industries, their land, water, air and health by locking the gate, locking the road and protecting their region through the Lock the Gate movement and becoming Gasfield Free and Invasive Mining Free.

Lochaber Hall is on Lochaber Rd North via Lochaber Lane and then turn north onto Lochaber Rd Nth. Not far from the corner. (Lochaber Lane is on the left as you travel north of Naracoorte)

More information contact Heather Heggie

Poster Gasfield Declaration Ceremony

Mining Industry ‘misconceptions’

THE Limestone Coast needs to choose between a future as an agriculturally rich food bowl and renowned wine region or an unconventional shale gasfield dotted with wells that have a lifespan of 15-20 years at most.

That’s the opinion of Australia Institute’s Mark Ogge. A researcher with the independent think-tank based in Canberra, he delivered three information sessions at Mount Gambier, Penola and Kingston last week, hosted by the Limestone Coast Protection Alliance and Community Action for Sustainability.

Mr Ogge outlined “misconceptions” about the mining industry’s financial contribution to the economy and employment.

Apart from environmental concerns with groundwater pollution and drawdown of the aquifer, Mr Ogge said there were adverse social and financial impacts for agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.

He said mining did not simply have an additive effect to the local economy; the boom in the past couple of decades had come at the expense of other parts of the Australian economy.

He said Australia’s gas industry paid a fraction of the average effective corporate tax rate of about 21 per cent.

“The gas industry, with all its deductions, pays about 6 per cent. They pay a petroleum resource rent tax of 8 per cent, but that is because of the super profits and is not intended to mean they should pay less corporate tax,” Mr Ogge said.

The gas industry was also subject to royalties, but he said these needed to be put in perspective.

“In Queensland, when all projects are operating at their peak in 2016-17, it will only be paying $450 million in royalties to the government – so 1 per cent of Queensland’s revenue – and there is a big price tag attached, which is covering tens of thousands of kilometres of Queensland with gas wells.”

Agriculture and tourism are the two biggest industries and, by far, the biggest employers in the area. You don’t want to trade them away lightly. – Australia Institute’s Mark Ogge.

In contrast, Norway has recognised it is a finite resource and has taxed its gas industry at 78 per cent. It also has a state-owned stake in every venture.

Mr Ogge said this money had gone into a sovereign wealth fund worth $1.5 trillion for future generations whereas in Australia, these resources were nearly being given away.

“I was shocked when I read just a couple of days ago that the current SA government has offered a five-year royalty holiday to the gas industry in this state,” he said.

“A lot of these wells aren’t going to last five years – the people of this state own this resource and are not getting the returns.”

“Agriculture and tourism are the two biggest industries and, by far, the biggest employers in the area. You don’t want to trade them away lightly,” Mr Ogge said.

Read the full article in the Naracoorte Herald


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