Wattle Range Communities Gasfield Free Celebration

All Welcome for Gasfield Free Ceremony at Lake Leake at 11am

Gasfield  and invasive mining free road declaration scrolls will be presented to the

Mayor of Wattle Range Peter Gandolfi.

Come along to declare your road gasfield and invasive mining free.

Free BBQ put on by Glencoe Progress Association plus Children’s games and stalls.

Wattle Range Communities support for Gasfield and Invasive Mining Free average 96%.

Wattle Range East 95.8%

Monbulla 98.5%

Short 100%

Maaoupe 88.2%

Glencoe 94.2%

Krongart 100%

Wattle Range 98.3%

Protected by Community.

All Welcome

Lake Leake is 6km north of Glencoe on Lake Leake road and it is the Lake.

For more information contact Lesley on 87394282

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GasField Free Communities

Wattle Range Council Road declared Gasfield and Mining Free

Wattle Range Council Road declared Gasfield and Mining Free

Communities have begun to stand up – and are Locking The Gate in the hundreds! Through a comprehensive and truly democratic survey process, communities are declaring themselves ‘Gasfield Free’.

Local roads throughout the Limestone Coast are now displaying “Gasfield Free” road signs sending a clear message of “Lock the Gate”, “Lock the Road” & ”Protect the Region” from industrial gasfield activities. Communities simply do not want this in their backyard.

Faced with the extraordinary capture of our governments by the mining industry, the region is witnessing a historic alliance of our local councils, mayors, farmers, conservationists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, parents, students and retirees who are saying no and locking their gates. Together, they are saying it’s time to protect existing agricultural industries, our land, water and health from the destructive force of the proposed open cut mining and gasfield projects in the Limestone Coast.

Local communities who are locking their gate, locking their road and protecting their region are the building blocks of a strong community campaign. Knowing what is at stake, the “Lock the Gate” strategy is providing pathways for more people to join in the movement and is now spreading across the country and the world, inspiring communities everywhere.

The District Council of Robe was the first council in the Limestone Coast to call on our State Government to halt unconventional gas mining in our region and since then all seven local councils have banded together to ask the State Government for a moratorium on unconventional gas mining, buffer zones and landholder approval prior to mining. So it is only appropriate that communities in the District Council of Robe will be the first to present their “Gasfield Free” declarations to the Mayor of Robe at a ceremony on Saturday 11th October.

All are welcome to this historic event.


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